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VAT Invoice Software

The salient features are:

* Vat Invoice Software is user friendly and very easy to operate.
* Create Professional Invoices
* Customize Invoices for your own purposes
* Invoice can be printed on blank paper as well as pre-printed stationary.
* Fully User-configurable Invoicing.
* Sales Tax Reports / Registers.
* Sale/ Purchase Returns - From-2.
* VAT Returns - Form VAT-08.
* Mfg. / Trading Excise Registers.
* MIS Reports & Analysis.
* Sales Register Party Wise.
* Party wise Billing Reports.
* Party wise Outstanding Reports.
* 'C' Form Details Party Wise.
* Item Wise Inventory (Optional).
* The user could take backup of the database.
* Integrated backup of data Daily Basis.
* On Line Support through Internet / E-Mail/ Telephone.

Inventory Management

Once you record purchases of the products that you sell, software tracks inventories by deducting items sold from inventory on hand.

Customer tracking

Customer profile reports show each customer, the items they have purchased and the dates each item was purchased.

Sales tracking

Product sales reports give a complete picture of the products that are selling and those that are not. The Buyers report shows you the names of customers who have purchased a particular product.